Antenna Genius v3.1.2 released

We are happy to announce the release of a new version of Antenna Genius software.


#027 Option to disable band checks is added (Enables use of inband station and diversity reception).
#026 Support for special OM for AB switches is added (4×32 stack is possible).
#025 Direct connection from AG to Flex is enabled (instead through application) for getting band data.
#024 Support for Flex 3.0 is improved.
#023 Stack stability is improved.
#022 New version of the TCP/IP stack used.
#021 Some unused features were removed.

Windows app:
#020 OM window “Always on top” functionality can now be turned off
#019 OM profile configuration for antenna 8 is fixed.
#018 Uptime will now count days correctly.
#017 Configuration will no longer be corrupted in case the antenna is named nothing (no characters).