Azimuth Magnetic Sensor

Due to popular demand we decided to develop an app to read the azimuth off our magnetic sensor directly.
This is an affordable solution for anyone who doesn’t need the entire Rotator Genius system and wants the azimuth readout only.
An additional RS485 to USB or RS485 to RS232 converter is required to interface the sensor with your PC.


AzimuthReader app is simple and intuitive.
Main window is resizable so you can fit it into your existing setup.
Main window can be pinned as “always on top” for constant monitoring.


The sensor uses a magnetic compass that reads azimuth. This insures you will never have problems with pulse, pot meter sensors, broken indicators or innacurate readings.
The sensor is mounted on a boom and connected to your PC by an RS485 to USB converter.
Standard CAT5e network cable is used for wiring.
Accuracy within 1 degree. No need for initial calibration.
Housed in a waterproof box.