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4O3A designs and manufactures high-quality accessories and TCP/IP controlled solutions for your shack. Our flagship Genius line of products are designed specifically to eliminate station complexity, reduces cost and improve operator efficiency. Created by world-class contesters and engineered for reliability, they can push your contest scores higher.

Our new PowerGenius XL RF amplifier is exceptionally clean, quiet and delivers full legal-limit power at 100% duty cycles. The only fully SO2R-capable amplifier it has 70dB nominal isolation between exciter inputs. Like our entire Genius product lineup, it is monitored and automated through an integral Ethernet connection.

4O3A’s field-proven high-power (4500W) 3 and 5-pole bandpass filters offer exceptional out-of-band rejection (as high as 75dB) that enables full-duplex HF operations.

Products developed by the 4O3A R&D team find their way in from the field and then out to production, only after they are polished and perfected by actual use – not the other way around. And we don’t stop there, all Genius products are field upgradable and incrementally improved.