New Rotator Genius is launched!

  • Controlling two rotators.
  • Connected directly on magnetic azimuth sensor.
  • TCP/IP or USB.
  • Remote or local control from PC or Android device.
  • No any calibration.
  • Plug and Play.
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SAC X stocks clearance sale!

We are selling all SAC X devices, used in contests 4O3A. All devices are tried and tested after removal. Some boxes might contain cosmetic faults (scratches and similar).

Only 389 euro a piece! Offer stands while the supply lasts.


 4O3A Signature


Professional Grade High Power Bandpass Filters, HF Triplexer Systems and Station Automation Equipment


Ranko Boca, 4O3A, is one of the world's most accomplished radiosport contesters. Operating from his incredible mountaintop station above the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro, he's made over 500,000 QSOs since his country gained independence in 2006! Ranko is a serious operator.

Always looking to improve his station's performance, Ranko, unsatisfied with the capabilities of the RF filters, automation, switching and control equipment available in the amateur radio market, designed and built an entire suite of high performance gear for his own use. Ranko just happens to own a company, Sky Sat Communications, which makes electronic equipment for the professional communications market so he had the resources to create the equipment he wanted but could not buy, all engineered and built to professional standards.

Word got out - the ham radio hobby is about communication, of course - and soon discerning hams from around the world wanting to know where they, too, could get the gear that was helping power 4O3A to such lofty scores. Thus, the 4O3A Signature line of high power bandpass filters, HF triplexer systems, antenna switchers and station automation and control products was born. Force 12 / InnovAntennas are proud to be a reseller of this stellar, ultra high-performance product line.

Ranko and his 4O3A Signature products got a big shout out from Tonno ES5TV after he smashed the old European record posting nearly 20,000 QSOs and over 40 million points in 48 hours with his ES9C multi-multi team in the 2013 CQ World Wide Phone Contest: My special thanks goes out to...Ranko, 4O3A, for having provided us full sets of HP band pass filters and triplexers. Without those MM operation would have been impossible. And again filters/triplexers performed flawlessly, triplexers calmly handling the 3 RUN stations transmitting at the same time for 48 hours. 4O3A bandpass filters recently made the trip to Banaba Island T33A and will soon be on the boat to Amsterdam Island for the highly anticipated FT5ZM DXpedition.

Written by FORCE 12 our USA distributor.

Some of the well-known contesters and DXers who are using 4O3A Signature equipment include 5B4AGD, 9A1A, 9A1P, 9A5MT, A71CO, AA7XT, CR2X, CX6VM, DJ5MW, DJ6ZM, DK5QN, DL2ARD, DL4NER, DL8ZAW, DR1A, E73A, EA2AFL, EA5FX, EA7AEY, ED1R, EF8M, EI2FG, EI7M, ES5TV, HA1TJ, HA5JI, HB9BJL, II9P, JA1BPA, JF2QNM, JK1CKA, JK1MZT, K3LR, K3WW, LA6FJA, LP1H, LU8EOT, LX2A, LZ2BE, LZ9W, N6PEQ, OH2BH, OH6RX, OH8X, ON4AMX, ON4HIL, OZ5E, P49X, PI4DX, PY2ADR, PY5EG, S50A, S50K, S51TA, S52X, S53M, UA3AB, W0YK, WW4LL, WX3B, YO3JR, YU1EXY, YU1EW, YU5R, and many more.