Station Damage

In December 2016 the 4O3A contest station suffered significant damage due to strong storms. All antennas had to be removed from the towers. Repairs of the antenna systems were scheduled for August 2017.
Unfortunately in July 2017 the whole of Lustica peninsula (where the 4O3A station is located) got caught in a series of fires. As far as we know fires started due to extremely hot weather.
The station was in grave danger from wildfire in two separate occasions. Thanks to the exceptional effort by the emergency services and volunteers the station was saved.
Unfortunately all antenna installations and control boxes outside the shack were destroyed. Damage is estimated to at least 20000€. It will take a lot of time to return the station to a fully operational state. They way things are now it won’t happen before summer 2018.


On the picture you can see the first fire that came from the south side of the building. It came as close as 10m of the porch. The second fire came from the north and the station was saved thanks to airplane intervention.
A big thank you to everyone who offered to help during the catastrophe.
See you in contest.

12 thoughts on “Station Damage

  1. I’m sorry to know that.
    I hope 4O3A returns to back on the air soon.
    We’ll miss you in the contests until there.

  2. I’m very sorry about it
    I hope the station can be recovered as soon as possible
    Go bless you
    Oms PY5EG

  3. Very sad news from this extremely well built station, and its creator Ranko – hope you will be back.Best wishes Steen oz8sw

  4. Dear Ranko and team,

    Very sorry to see and hear about this second round of damage to your radio home and station. I hope you can rebuild completely – and soon.
    Best wishes from Maryland.
    Jim Nitzberg WX3B

  5. Sorry to hear of the great loss at 4O3A, Ranko. Missed you in the WAE CW event. Good luck with the rebuilding program. We will all be waiting for you and your team to get back in action. By 73, Vic, W4VIC/NF3C

  6. Hi Ranko.
    I had lightning strike which caused fire at my station also in July 2017. The damage is not as much as yours if expressed in money but equal in percentage. Anyway there were no human casualties and this fact makes me hope we will continue working each other in upcoming contests.

  7. Hi Ranko & team
    Sorry to hear about the trouble. We all hope you’ll be back on bands soon. If we can help, let us know!
    Hope to hear you guys soon!
    73 Holger, ZL3IO/ZM4T

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